Writing a book linux games

Freemind Brainstorming is an incredibly important part of the writing process.

Writing a book linux games

Writing can be achieved with the simplest of media: But for those who have their fun or make their living by putting words on e- paper, Linux offers a perfectly usable platform for doing everything a writer needs to do.

The differences between these is far beyond the scope of this or indeed, most any other single article. For now, just know that you can pick one, and it will likely have everything you need, but maybe not everything below.

Text Editors Most writers are accustomed to working in a word processor such as Microsoft Word. But for many types of writing, a program this large is overkill.

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Text editors are an excellent tool for brainstorming and getting rough drafts out of your head, for two reasons: Firstly, many text editors tend to be pretty spartan interface-wise. There are few buttons, toolbars, or other flashing widgets to interrupt your writing.

Plus, tell a Linux guru that you love your text editor, and they will respect you. Secondly, plain text files are about as portable a format as you are likely to find. This includes both across operating systems e.

Windows, Mac, Linux, and others as well as devices such as smartphones or Internet devices. There are literally too many text editors to count for the Linux platform.

You could spend the next few years sifting through all of the arguments for or against two perennial favorites: But I will assert that these are not the Linux text editors on which you want to cut your teeth. The following are much friendlier to the new Linux user: An editor for the KDE desktop, installed by default on most systems.

There are many useful plug-ins you can add as well. An editor for the command line or terminal window, with keyboard shortcuts conveniently listed at the bottom of the screen. I list this not because it is an especially capable editor, but because it is included with the Midnight Commanderan excellent clone of the old DOS Norton Commander two-pane file manager.

Word Processors If you are a writer, you know what a word processor is, and what it can do. Just know that most Linux-compatible word processors will do most anything you need them to do, including working with Microsoft Office formats. Popular word processors on Linux include the following: The Writer component of OpenOffice is every bit as capable a word processor as most people will ever need.

On a side note, there is no reason that everyone who owns a PC, Mac, or Linux computer should not have this installed. Go to the web site. Did you install OpenOffice yet? This is a great choice for older systems, as OpenOffice has a reputation as something of a memory hog. It has traditionally been a bit raw compared to AbiWord or OpenOffice, but I am a big fan of the KOffice Shell, which allows you to have multiple documents of different types e.

Think of this as an Outlook for office documents.

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If your system is very old, you still have options. The word processor Ted makes AbiWord look like a sumo wrestler. But the FOSS world has several alternatives, as follows: This program strives to be a turnkey solution to both of the aforementioned segments. This application excels scientific writing with is support for highly-complex equations.

LaTeX, the typesetting language around which LyX is built, was once the go-to format for nice printed materials. But other applications have since caught up with support for PDF format and the like.

Finally, to the new or potential Linux user, I should point out one thing. Any of the above applications can likely be downloaded, installed, and used free of charge.

Posts in "Moving to Linux: Tools for Writers" series Moving to Linux:Nonlinear Writing on Linux with Storybook Works of fiction come in all shapes and sizes, and I don't mean simply the format (book, short story, graphic novel).

Some are action- or plot-driven, others are primarily internal, some are epic in scope, others stream-of-consciousness and barely involve a chronology at all. Distraction-free, full-screen writing software has been popular among writers on all platforms for many years now.

writing a book linux games

Such software offers an apparent solution to a common writer’s problem: too many distracting websites applications, games system functions, and emails to attend to, especially when one feels less like writing and secretly welcomes any distraction as a saviour.

There is an excellent book writing app called Scrivener that has an unsupported, free (as in beer) version for linux. It can be a bit of a pain to install, but it works once it'st there. Intel only, btw, no ARM support in spite of my trying a good bit.

The content of the book might be interesting to Linux users (here is an excerpt), but I wanted to talk about the process for writing the book, which was very Linux-intensive. Before starting the book, I had heard a lot of horror stories about people forced to use crazy Word stylesheets and templates from publishers.

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