Write and write again

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Write and write again

BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing I am in pursuit of balance — physically, emotionally and financially. This is my journey.


Feel free to shout me a coffee at https: Back inI used to sit and churn out 5, words minimum daily. It was my attempt to become a world famous author before I turned I would sit in front of the computer from 8am to 5pm until full novels were produced. There was a lot of words and repetition with not much proof reading.

I would make elaborate story lines that I had to get out from my head before they all disappeared.

write and write again

Thank goodness I wrote and published them under a pen name. Bymy time had run out and I had to get a job.

ByI stopped writing completely as life and reality came into full swing. In the beginning of the year I decided to pick up the digital pen once again and put fingers to keyboard. At first I was stuck. Going off the high of a whopping 74 views and 40 reads, I began to create more content.

In fact, then dropped off quite quickly with no interaction. Not a single clap. Not even a shout out or pat on the back for making something.

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Over time, when my Medium articles was no better than a dead zone, I gave up writing for an imaginary audience, gave up the dreams of grandeur and started writing for me. So I began writing about me. I finally learnt to write for the enjoyment and love of writing.

It started with learning to write in the first person, drawing on my personal thoughts and experiences with the topic. It was from the finance manager and HR. It was on this day I found out I will no longer have a job.

A few weeks after the initial phone call, I went through an existential crisis as I slipped into a sense of uncertainty about my financial future.

I knew I needed a job — how else am I going to pay rent and feed the baby? But deep down, I knew that going straight back into the workforce would destroy my soul.

write and write again

I was already in a zombie like state working as a team lead and looking back, I was probably close to turning into one of those middle aged, hate my life, miserable kind of personas. Writing kept me sane.First of all, you already have the capacity and habbit of write.

So there is nothing to worry. And yes its important to be self motivated to write. To be a good writer you have to care about some small stuffs.

After that when you will start to e. Write Again.

How to Make a Pen Write Again - 10 steps

likes. Welcome to Write Again. Buying, selling, trading and restoration of vintage fountain pens and other fine writing instruments. Jul 27,  · Let's get silly!

Use this worksheet to help your students practice counting words and improving their handwriting while writing out these silly sentences/5(6).

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Jody Holford, co-author of novel DANGEROUS LOVE, shares her long winding journey to landing her agent Fran Black of Literary Counsel. As Chicago Public Schools gear up to teach cursive handwriting for the first time in years, a consideration of the fear and punishment cursive once instilled.

You WILL Write Again! The point of life is not doing chores (obviously!), but it’s not hitting a daily writing word count or publishing bestsellers either.

Karen Woodward: How to Write Again after a Break