Reversing diabetes a personal story

Sounds like a miracle! Miracles happen often in life if you believe they can happen, said by Thomas Alva Edison. Tell us About you?

Reversing diabetes a personal story

Manage blood sugar levels Exercise regularly Adopt dietary changes The lifestyle choices that can lead to diabetes include eating lots of sugary foods, refined carbohydrates that easily convert to sugar like pastries and breads and not exercising.

InRoberts co-authored a research study which highlighted the results of five different studies covering subjects who modified their lifestyles in order to measure the effect on their diabetic condition. In the combined results, about 75 percent of the subjects that were taking oral hypoglycemic agents were able to reverse diabetes and about 50 percent of those on insulin were able to discontinue their medication.

The following year, in a much smaller, peer-reviewed study that lasted about three weeks, Roberts was able to reverse diabetes in about half the participants diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

The 31 men who participated in the trial performed minutes of cardiovascular exercise on a treadmill every day during the study and ate a low-glycemic plant-based diet. Roberts acknowledges that most diabetics, if they are not in an intensive research program, will most likely not be able to reverse their condition in such a short time frame.

Roberts cautions that reversing their condition does not mean a diabetic is in the clear. He can be reached at coachjudd gmail.To find out the simplest, scientifically proven and most effective methods for reversing your Type 2 Diabetes, check out his exclusive free report, “Naturally Reverse Type 2 Diabetes TODAY With 3 Simple Changes”.

Reversing diabetes a personal story

Most of us believe anything by seeing it with our own eyes, That is why I am sharing with you the success story of Sumant Joshi, A pune based Geologist who has reversed his diabetes with lifestyle modification, He has reduced his weight from 83kgs to 63 kgs in 6 months and Fasting blood sugar levels from to 84mg/dl and HBA1c from % to 5%.

Prediabetes increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Joan’s Personal Story. Reversing Prediabetes. A CDC-recognized lifestyle change program can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Jan 28,  · Reversing diabetes is possible By Val Willingham, CNN "It was a big wake-up call, that what I was doing and my current weight were not OK," Jonathan Legg said. Jan 28,  · About 5% to 10% of all people with diabetes have this type, which is not reversible because the person's pancreas is not producing insulin at all.

The remainder have type 2 diabetes. For these people, their body can no longer process insulin correctly. Although genetics plays a part, obesity is a major reason people develop type 2 diabetes. PERSONAL STORY: REVERSING ILNESSES There I was again at the doctor’s office and expecting my second child, when I heard it again: “Mrs.

Reversing diabetes a personal story

Melgar your blood sugar is a little high again” “You have gestational diabetes”.

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