I didnt make this

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I didnt make this

Fruits Nature has showered us with a variety of fruits and vegetables which we merge with our creativity and foody instinct. We have labelled almost all the edible ones we know with different names I didnt make this even placed them into categories depending on their similarities and differences. We have a variety of the same vegetable or fruit which take a new form in accordance with the season or environment, the climate or the soil.

There is one vegetable which has one of the highest varieties and is classified into the summer and the winter type. This versatility rests with squash. This veggie is available in multiple shapes and colours, which also differ in taste. The summer and winter forms do not actually mean the seasonal type but it is purely based on the perishability of this green.

I didnt make this

The ones which have harder skin and seeds are more durable than the ones with thinner peel, and as such they have been termed as winter squash. Do not be surprised if you come across a winter squash in summers as both the variations are found round the year.

After reading this article, you will have an idea as to which squash can be stored for a longer period and which are the ones which we cannot. Summer squash can be kept for one or two weeks whereas, when taken care of, winter squash can be used for months.

Among the different varieties, these are a few popular ones which we might have seen in the market but did not know that it belonged to the squash family. Kabocha has a dark green coloured skin and has a shape similar to a pumpkin. The peel is hard and inside it is orange-yellow. Acorn In colour and texture, it is similar to kabocha, but its shape is elongated.

Acorn squash is known by different names as Des Moines squash or pepper squash. The ridges are distinct and even though it is a winter squash, it has similarities to the summer squash variety.


Delicata The Delicata squash has a tender skin and probably this is the reason behind the name. It has a creamy colour skin with green striped lines along the ridges. Because of the delicate skin this is hard to store for a long time and even in the exportation is also not feasible.

Also known as Bohemian squash, peanut squash and sweet potato squash, this used in cooking and resembles the summer squash, even though it is eaten as a winter one. Butternut This vegetable is associated with pumpkin as it tastes like it and is even known as butternut pumpkin in New Zealand and Australia.

The interior is orange and the outer cover looks rough yellow, which darkens as it grows.

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