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Final for wr 122

Summary What is already known about this topic? What is added by this report? Of those who fell, What are the implications for public health practice? Although falls are common, approximately half of older adults who fall do not discuss it with their health care provider.

However, older adult falls are largely preventable. Health care providers can play an important role in fall prevention by 1 screening older adults for fall risk, 2 reviewing and managing medications linked to falls, and 3 recommending vitamin D where appropriate for improved bone, muscle, and nerve health.

Duringapproximately 27, older adults died because of falls; 2.

Final for wr 122

Known effective strategies for reducing the number of older adult falls include a multifactorial clinical approach e. Health care providers can play an important role in fall prevention by screening older adults for fall risk, reviewing and managing medications linked to falls, and recommending vitamin D supplements to improve bone, muscle, and nerve health and reduce the risk for falls.

Detailed information regarding the survey is available online. By an injury, we mean the fall caused you to limit your regular activities for at least a day or to go see a doctor.

The first question was used to estimate the percentage of older adults who reported one or more falls and the total number of falls; the second question was used to estimate the number of fall injuries.

Response options ranged from zero to 76 or more with reported means of 0.

January 2006 (#122):

Orthogonal polynomial contrasts and pairwise t-tests were used to identify significant increases or decreases where appropriate. The BRFSS data were weighted by iterative proportional fitting raking to represent state-level population estimates and aggregated to represent a nationwide estimate.

Analyses were conducted using statistical software to account for the complex sampling design. The percentage of older adults who fell was higher among whites The rate of fall-related injuries was significantly higher in the population reporting poor health per 1, than the population reporting excellent health 69 per 1, Among states and the District of Columbia, the percentage of older adults who reported a fall ranged from Several states had either significantly higher or lower percentages of reported falls among older adults compared with the national average Figure Table 2.

The percentage of older adults experiencing fall injuries ranged from 7. Top Discussion In Older adult falls can result in death, serious injury, and loss of independence 1,2.

This analysis found that an estimated 7 million falls required medical treatment or caused restricted activity for at least 1 day. Women and those in older age groups were at higher risk for falling and being injured in a fall.

Final for wr 122

Reduced muscle strength is a risk factor for falls, and aging and female sex are associated with reduced muscle mass 1,2.Isaiah Ramon Stanback (born August 16, ) is a former American football wide receiver in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, New York Giants, and Jacksonville played college football at the University of Washington.

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