Does the internet make you dumber

Email Last Updated Feb 23, In its survey of experts released a few days ago, 76 percent agreed with this statement, "Bypeople's use of the internet has enhanced human intelligence; as people are allowed unprecedented access to more information they become smarter and make better choices.

Does the internet make you dumber

I would highly recommend that everyone who uses the internet or is involved in the life of young people read this book which is probably is almost everyone. Even if you do not agree with all that Bauerlein says, I believe that he asks the right type of questions about our use of screen media. Bauerlein responds in his book to all the things that you have heard about the internet.

Many people believe that it is creating a more intelligent youth culture and causing them to develop skills and abilities which they have never had before. The problem is that research does not bear this out, Bauerlein contends.

In fact, the opposite is the case. Academic ability has decreased since the widespread use of digital media has become common among adolescents. While the internet opens the world to young people, most of them use it simply to talk with their friends and share the photos, videos, and music of youth culture.

For many [adolescents], good standing with classmates is the only way to secure a safe identity, and so they spend hours on the channels of adolescent fare searching out the latest in clothes, slang, music, sports, celebrities, school gossip, and one another.

Technology has made it fabulously easier.

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Their technological savvy may give them an appearance of being knowledgeable, but that image quickly dissolves under questioning: The reason is that we are not naturally inclined to seek out culture and stretch our minds.

With the read-write-film-view-browse-message-buy-sell Web, adolescent users govern their own expose, and the didactic and artistic content of smarter sites flies by unseen and unheard. He describes how he had only four television options in the afternoon.

These are movies that he probably would not have chosen to watch, if he had had other options. So he watched these films and still remembers that Christmas vacation as an enriching time.

We are in a situation in which such experiences rarely occur. Adolescents completely govern what media they will observe, and the choices are generally not educational. The medium itself also does not seem to lend itself to careful reading and learning.

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Bauerlein summarizes their research: Fifteen years of tests, analyses, reports, and consultations have crystallized into an unexpected but persuasive model of Web users and Web page usability. That is the default. Some may read carefully on the Web, if they have learned to be readers elsewhere, but the screen itself does not drive us toward greater literacy.

These studies were done by a group that was simply seeking to design better web sites to make more money. They had no educational axe to grind. Rarely are adolescents confronted with their need to explore the literature and heritage of the past. Add all these elements together, and we have a recipe for ignorance and non-development of intelligence.

That is what Bauerlein argues. I would encourage you to read his arguments and think about how you and your children use the internet. You also may want to think about how to integrate some of these points into youth education. The internet is here to stay, and it is best if we can use this powerful medium as self-consciously as possible.

This article originally appeared on his web site and is used with permission.Yet when you read on the Internet, “What we do transfer is a jumble of drops from different faucets, not a continuous, coherent stream from one source,” he writes.

Since the advent of the Internet, people have been concerned with how it affects our health, our brain function, and our intelligence.

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In June of , The Wall Street Journal published two articles entitled “Does the Internet Make You Smarter?” and “Does the Internet Make You Dumber?”The former was published on June 4, and the latter a day later.

Does the Internet Make You Smarter? Amid the silly videos and spam are the roots of a new reading and writing culture, says Clay Shirky. Digital media have made creating and disseminating text, sound, and images cheap, easy and global. If you make an _____ that something is true or will happen, you accept that it is true or will happen, often without any real proof.

Does the internet make you dumber

Does the Internet make you Dumber or Smarter. 57 terms. Northstar 5 R & W Units 1 & 2. 20 terms. Eng words unit 3. 25 terms. Huckleberry . Does the Internet Make You Smarter or Dumber? Posted on June 11, This was the title of an article in last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal.

Two experts answered the question. The Roman philosopher Seneca may have put it best 2, years ago: "To be everywhere is to be nowhere." Today, the Internet grants us easy access to unprecedented amounts of information.

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