Case study mtm pgpiimbangalore

These students have started learning tricks of financial markets by playing online games. Known for its case study method of teaching, IIM-A brought in online gaming to teach portfolio management to its students. Also, it used tradecracker.

Case study mtm pgpiimbangalore

Case study mtm pgpiimbangalore

Managerial Communication II Business Ethics An examination of some important psychological and sociological theories and concepts that help in understanding the forces shaping individual, group and organizational sub-systems; this is done with a view to preparing the students to see how these forces affect the management of business enterprises, both in the private and the public sectors.

The major emphasis is on understanding the theories and concepts from an inter-disciplinary point of view. Indications are given as to how an Case study mtm pgpiimbangalore of the basic disciplines, constituting the Behavioural Sciences helps in learning the processes and problems of management and evaluating means of achieving the goals of an enterprise through an effective management of people in the enterprise.

Rajiv Kumar CC ; Prof. Leena Chatterjee ; Prof. Abhishek Goel This is a basic course concerned with the nature of organisations and the process and practice of administration. It is intended to develop the student's ability to diagnose and deal with the many human problems that arise in complex organisations, to provide him with opportunities for practice in administrative decision-making and to make him familiar with managerial work-environment.

The course draws upon concepts, findings and approaches of the behavioural sciences and upon developments in organisation theory.

It focuses on the characteristics of an enterprise as a socio-technical system on the individual in the organisation, on work group behaviour, on inter-group relations and on problems of role relationships. It deals with considerations relating to the manager's task in solving problems of organisation of work motivation, leadership and change.

Theory of demand; Theory of production and cost: Price determination under different market structures such as competition, monopoly, oligopoly.

Introduction to game theory. Uncertainty and asymmetric information. Anindya SenProf. Runa Sarkar Working of the macroeconomic system: Concepts such as national income and product. Theory of income determination. The economic role of Government: Fiscal policy and Monetary policy and banking system, Economic growth: Inflation; Balance of payments.

Development and under-development; long-term trends in the Indian economy; poverty, unemployment and the strategy for development: Risk Management is the process by which various risk exposures are identified, measured, and controlled.

Business risks are those which a firm willingly assumes to create a competitive advantage and add value for its shareholders. Business risks pertain to the product market in which the firm operates and include technological innovations, product design and marketing.

Financial risks which relate to possible losses in financial markets such as losses due to interest rate movement, can be optimized carefully so that the firm can concentrate on what it does best to manage exposure to business risks. List of Possible Topics: Operations Research is a discipline devoted to applying scientific methods to decision making.

Operations Researchers utilize mathematical modeling techniques in concert with empirical observation and occasional experimentation to arrive at solutions to management problems in government and industry.

Model formulation and use of the computer are emphasized in applications to a broad spectrum of management problems. The faculty teaching this course are: Over the last few decades, Information Technology IT has penetrated almost every sphere of business activities. IT, which started as a support tool, has slowly become a crucial implement for attaining strategic objectives — be it for improving productivity or quality, for reaching out to customers, for reducing cycle time or for spawning new businesses.

However, decision for deploying IT involves large investments, and carries certain risks. As managers, we need to decide what would be the most prudent next investment in IT. For that, we need to assess how IT can be leveraged to gain competitive advantage. We need to know what the recent trends in IT are and how sustainable these are.

A comprehension of these issues would help managers make best use of IT in organizations. HRM-A systems perspective, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, participative management, grievance handling, HR planning, wage policy and administration.

IR laws, management of discipline, economics of trade unions, history of Indian IR. This course analyses the interaction between government and business in India in the period between independence in and the liberalization of the Indian economy in It aims to provide participants with insights into how governments take decisions on matters that affect the business environment in India.

More specifically, it examines the various factors that have influenced, and continue to influence, economic decisions taken by successive Indian governments and the impact that these policies have had on the structure and growth of Indian industry.The various case studies and best practices studies will help the participant develop a mindset to look at the supply chain holistically rather than take localized decisions.

The material is delivered primarily through case studies, exercises and group discussions, and should be of benefit to virtually any senior manager, particularly those. View Case Study 22 Miles was built on innovation and provides a platform for all dynamic digital integration With Global deployments spreading across four continents and thousands of units deployed, 22 Miles has a demonstrated track record of helping organizations visually reach and technically surpass their digital solution needs.

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