20th century music

Rock and rollRock music. Rock and roll emerged as a defined musical style in America in the s, though elements of rock and roll can be seen in rhythm and blues records as far back as the s. Early rock and roll combined elements of bluesboogie woogiejazz and rhythm and bluesand is also influenced by traditional Appalachian folk musicgospel and country and western. Born in a technological era, Rock and roll was the first form of music to be recorded in a studio before being performed live.

20th century music

Russian cellist Mstislav Rostropovich in During the 20th century there was a vast increase in the variety of music that people had access to.

20th century music

Prior to the invention of mass market gramophone records developed in and radio broadcasting first commercially done ca.

These were skills that tended to be limited to middle-class and upper-class individuals.

20th century music

With the mass-market availability of gramophone records and radio broadcasts, listeners could purchase recordings of, or listen on radio to recordings or live broadcasts of a huge variety of songs and musical pieces from around the globe.

This enabled a much wider range of the population to listen to performances of Classical music symphonies and operas that they would not be able to hear live, either due to not being able to afford live-concert tickets or because such music was not performed in their region.

Sound recording was also a major influence on the development of popular music genres, because it enabled recordings of songs and bands to be inexpensively and widely distributed nationwide or even, for some artists, worldwide. The development of relatively inexpensive reproduction of music via a succession of formats including vinyl recordscompact cassettescompact discs introduced in and, by the mids, digital audio recordings, and the transmission or broadcast of audio recordings of music performances on radio, of video recordings or live performances on television, and by the s, of audio and video recordings via the Internetusing file sharing of digital audio recordings, gave individuals from a wide range of socioeconomic classes access to a diverse selection of high-quality music performances by artists from around the world.

In the s, African-American hip hop musicians began to use the record turntable as a musical instrument, creating rhythmic and percussive " scratching " effects by manipulating a vinyl record on the turntable.

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As time progressed, and as the Romantic period saw changes in accepted modification with composers such as Berlioz and Mahlerthe 20th century saw that instrumentation could practically be hand-picked by the composer.

Twentieth-century orchestras generally include a string sectionwoodwindsbrass instrumentspercussionpianocelesteharp s[4] with other instruments called for occasionally, such as electric guitar [5] and electric bass.

Composers and songwriters explored new forms and sounds that challenged the previously accepted rules of music of earlier periods, such as the use of altered chords and extended chords in s-era Bebop jazz. The development of powerful, loud guitar amplifiers and sound reinforcement systems in the s and s permitted bands to hold large concerts where even those with the least expensive tickets could hear the show.

Composers and songwriters experimented with new musical styles, such as genre fusions e. As well, composers and musicians used new electricelectronic, and digital instruments and musical devices.

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In the s, some styles of music, such as electronic dance music genres such as house music were created largely with synthesizers and drum machines. Faster modes of transportation such as jet flight allowed musicians and fans to travel more widely to perform or hear shows, which increased the spread of musical styles.The 20th century began without planes, televisions, and of course, computers.

These inventions radically transformed the lives of people around the globe, with many changes originating in . Sep 02,  · 20th Century Fox Logo History - Duration: Evolution of Game Music - | ALL 41 GAMES (Plus 3 New Games) - Duration: Rob Landes Recommended for you.

Unit Summary Early 20th Century Music Although we might reasonably draw the boundary line between 19th century music and that of the 20th century at the beginning of World War I (), important developments took place well before that date. “IS MUSIC such a serious business?” So asked Franz Joseph, the Austrian emperor, at the end of the 19th century after a performance of new music in Vienna. The 20th Century heralded a new world, one with more defined nations, laws and statutes. It saw the invention of many great things, which have made life significantly easier for most of us.

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